Unyielding Stone
50 x 70 cm.



This photograph makes reference to a known piece by the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco titled Yielding Stone. Larrea’s intention was to propose a confrontation between opposites, the enormous plasticine ball that Orozco had rolled through the streets of New York City, and those granite spheres that the Madrid Town Hall regularly installs in the streets to prevent people from parking their cars. The opposition it represented is meant to contrast the way a work from the world of Art functions, that is, in a flexible, receptive manner letting itself be impregnated by everything it runs into by chance in the street; as opposed to the typical functioning of an institutional work, an object placed in the urban space by the authorities, and that, on the contrary, operates as an inalterable, immobile obstacle indifferent to the reality around it.










—— Gabriel Orozco, 1992, Piedra que cede.