The Harmony of the spheres
Photographic diptych
70 x 100 cm.



The philosophers of the antiquity were thinking that the world was constituted by a perfect harmony, that is to say, that from the land to the skies there was a musical perfect octave. According to the doctrine alchemist, exists a correspondence between the earthly things and the celestial ones, as it establishes 2nd rule of the manuscript of Esmeralda’s Table: “what is down below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below”. This photographic diptych takes as a point of item a few mundane objects of our urban life, in order to revitalize them by means of a symbolic correspondence with the planetary stars. As if it was a question of a reflection of the celestial mechanism, theses spheres of stone seem to turn also in orbit, happening of being passive bodies to turning into matter loaded with energy. By means of the evocation of this cosmic figure, it is reactivated what remains secret before the current look and it is removing weight to the reality by means of this poetical association.